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VUI (Voice User Interface) Music Dictation App & Animated Pitch Video 



VUI Designer 

Creative Direction



Audio Production

Motion Design







Media Encoder

After Effects



VUI Prototype:

February - March  2021

6 week project

Animated Pitch Video: September - December 2021

4 month project 

Mobile - Open App Screen – 2.png


By inflecting my strength and passion for music education into all of its elements, Noteable is a voice user interface that provides an audible assistant named Yanni, who will help the visually impaired learn new songs. The VUI dictates the notes of a song to help users learn without the need of sheet music. While the main focus is to help the visually impaired, the VUI can also be used by aural learners, and those who are less strong at reading notes.


I created an animated pitch video which showcases the concept, Noteable. The video is targeted towards potential investors and informs its audience what the app is about an how it is applicable for all audiences and accessibilities.

Pitch Video

VUI Prototype 

Noteable VUI Prototype in Voiceflow

Conceptualization To Final Product

While doing my research and concept stage for this project, I discovered that those suffering from glaucoma or any visually impaired person, all miss the ability to read. I knew I wanted to provide a VUI that would help users with reading loss. I started to think outside the box and relate it to my passion and current career, music. With more research of current VUI’s out there, I then discovered that an audible guide to music notation has yet to be developed.

Building this VUI was a lot of work but was really interesting and rewarding for me. As a music teacher, I thought of how I would personally teach and then did my best to break the song down for a user who is visually impaired. I then focused on having the VUI relay this information through simple and easy to understand instruction.

Prototyping Noteable in Voiceflow
VUI Sound Branding & Music
Logo Design
Noteable App Low Fidelity Wireframes
High Fidelity App Screens
Style Frames
Voice Over  - Noteable Pitch Video
Pitch Video Illustrations

Noteable's VUI Process from prototype to pitch video. 

Learning &
Creative Process 

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